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About Currid Builders

A woman-owned business is rare in today’s residential construction industry, but the idea was inspiration in 2020, when founder, Sarah Currid, dreamt of creating a company that would give New Hampshire  homeowners both a better home improvement experience and better designed spaces in their lives. Sarah experienced a variety of roles early in her career including surveying, utility construction, commercial painting and project management. These experiences provided first-hand knowledge of the complexities of the industry. 

The level of preparation, coordination and budget/schedule management can be daunting to many but this is where Currid Builders shines. We garner respect from our clients, our subcontractractors and industry professionals, driving competitive advantage and better outcomes through effective project management and superior customer service. Currid Builders plays a critical role in helping both our staff and our client partners operate more efficiently, resulting in exceptional value to our homeowner clients.

Our company is second to none and works together as a cohesive team to move your project from concept to completion smoothly and with attention to detail. We know your project represents a life change for you, and that your house is not merely a job site, but your home. Our company and staff are committed to delivering the home of your dreams and making that experience as enjoyable, easy and stress-free as possible for you.

My Story

For years, I dreamt of launching my own female-founded, owned, and operated construction company. As the first female and 4th generation in my family to work in the trades, my passion for design, remodeling, and renovation is fierce. Having lived through hundreds of renovations and remodels of my own homes and investment properties, I am devoted to creating an enjoyable experience for you, one that you feel a part of and prepared for. Growing up in New Hampshire in a 200 year old home, I learned the value of hands-on work at a very young age. I watched my father pour his love into our family home doing work to renovate and restore it. I watched, asked questions and in time, I took a more active part in that work and discovered my love for construction, design, project management and respect for the construction industry. At Currid Builders, I hold myself and those on the project team accountable to the schedule, cost and quality. 

Our Mission

With a mission to help you “love where you live,” Currid Builders creates a partnership with you and the entire construction team from the beginning of your project to the very end. Our scope of work includes but not limited to: designing the project, assembling the project team, defining the project requirements, selecting delivery methods, controlling quality, and managing scope, cost and schedule. 

We make it a priority to build lasting relationships, remain intimately involved and support your needs through their entire design, remodel, or renovation experience. I want you to feel engaged in the process, empowered to make decisions, and informed along the way. Together, we can create a timeless, classic, custom space allowing you to fall back in love with your home. 

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